Store Directors Virtual Group: In-Store Communication

Webinar Description: 

It has been said that ‘Communication’ is the oil necessary for a business’ engine to function properly.  That is why this webinar is so important and timely.  In recent weeks, we have all witnessed how clear and timely communication can make a huge difference in critical situations.

This 60-minute webinar will be in three parts.

1. The first section will review our last webinar Store Directors Virtual Group: It's About Time.

2. The main section will focus on five key in-store communication methods and the best practices that make them work effectively. 

3. The last segment will showcase 10 more simple, yet impactful merchandising and operational ideas from great stores all around North America.

Webinar Objectives

Store managers and their department managers will learn:

  • How to do daily “Huddles” properly.
  • The importance of a three-part break room bulletin board.
  • Why one, “one on one,” each day will work magic for store morale.
  • Why TEAM Meetings are awesome communication tools.
  • And how a simple, handwritten note can be a wonderful communication tool that can make a big difference.


Harold C. Lloyd

Harold is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago.  He has been the president of a company with 1000 employees and 14 stores and was a franchisee of a 3-unit, award-winning family restaurant group. 

For the last 34 years, Harold has been the featured speaker at the food industry’s most popular events.  He has created 30 top rated seminars and written 4 books.  He has also created and currently facilitates nine industry related share groups.

Harold is a proud father of 3 and grandfather of 2 and lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife, Deanna.

Harold says, “I’d rather see the audience taking notes than to hear their applause.”  This remark speaks to his intense desire to make a meaningful connection with his audience, which is his ultimate objective.

Target Audience:

Hosted by FMI and industry specialist Harold Lloyd, these interactive virtual meetings will help to equip store directors with invaluable insights and tools to make their roles easier and more effective.

This is the second in a series of interactive meetings for Store Management (especially new store directors) that takes place quarterly on the first Tuesday of the month beginning March 3.

The first webinar was free and is available on-demand to both FMI Members and Non-Members. This and subsequent webinars will continue to be free to FMI Members and for a fee for Non-FMI Members.

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